Dear Parents and Staff,

On November 26th, the PTA Board and class reps held a PTA meeting. There was no representation from the school management at this meeting. However, the topics that were discussed will be discussed with Ms Sundin and Mr Olsson and feedback will be communicated at next meeting.

Below are just a few topics from the meeting. Please see the minutes on schoolsoft for more information.

  • The food has improved.
  • LAN planned to December 7th.
  • Spring Festival planned to June 4th.
  • Air environment, WHO indoor air quality guidelines.
  • Shower environment.
  • Sunshine calls.
  • Any guarantees that media used during LAN or other places in school has filters to avoid non desired websites and advertising?
  • Parents experience issues with communication processes within unfair treatments.
  • Parents experience issues with response time from school management.

The minutes are published on SchoolSoft.

Next meeting is planned to January 22nd. Please send topics that you want to bring to the table to PTA Board in advance.

Please contact the PTA Board if you have any questions:

Remember to check if your email address is visible in SchoolSoft since this is not default from start. You have to manually tick off a box that you are open to show your email address. Please contact your class rep or PTA Board if you need instructions. If it is not visible you will, among other things, miss out of all automatic newsletters regarding new information on the website.

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