AGM med händer

Date and time: Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 6-7.30 PM

Location: IESL Lund

Invitees: PTA Board Members and Auditors, Nomination Committee, All PTA community




1.      Opening by incumbent Chairperson or his/her representative

2.      Election of the AGM Chairperson and Secretary of the meeting

3.      Election of two persons to verify the minutes

4.      Adoption of the agenda

5.      Determination of the voting list (may be postponed until voting)

6.      Confirmation that the meeting has been correctly convened

7.      The Annual Report from the PTA Board

8.      The Auditors’ Report

9.      Release of liability for the PTA Board

10.   Proposal from the Nomination Committee to the AGM regarding the election of the new PTA Board and Auditors

11.   Election of a new PTA Board

12.   Election of the Auditor and deputy Auditor

13.   Election of a Nomination Committee

14.   Motions submitted by members for the meeting

15.   Proposals from the PTA Board including proposal for PTA membership fees for the academic year

16.   Any other business

17.   Close of meeting

Welcome to the PTA Annual General Meeting on October 12th

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