Meet&Greet2017Meet & Greet – say hi to other parents and the staff

What does the cafeteria look like filled with curious parents and school staff? Find out at the annual Meet & Greet!
Last year was a great success which we hope to repeat this year. We have 2 occasions, depending on which year your child is in.

Please bring some small finger food or snacks to share. Perhaps some local speciality?


A great opportunity to have a chat with parents and staff


Juniors year 4-6: Wednesday 25th October, 18-19.30

Seniors year 7-9: Thursday 26th October, 18-19.30


IES Lund, the Cafeteria


We hope to see you all there!


Welcome to Meet & Greet – Juniors October 25th and Seniors October 26th

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