This upcoming year will be an exciting one for IES Lund Robotics, as IESL will have our after school club competing in the Skåne First Lego League AND our entire 7th grade will be participating in the Robotics challenge as well.
As such, the school will need some competition practice tables.
It would be great if we could find a few construction-knowledgeable volunteers to help Mr Castells, wood shop teacher, to build these.

There are table plans available for a solid and sturdy wooden table and for a foam-based portable table. Robotics club would need two of the wooden tables, for competition setup, and one foam table, for use outside the robotics laboratory and for moving around.
It would be ideal if these tables could be built before August, because the competition is released in the USA August 1st, and in Sweden a bit later. The 7th grade will be starting the term with the robotics unit and competition, and the sooner we have the tables the faster we can get their robots solving tasks and practicing for the tournament.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Please contact PTA and we will pass on to Ms Watkins and Mr Castells.



Volunteer to help out with table construction?

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