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Next week, week 39, we will arrange a Safety Week again! The purpose is to make it clearer to everyone where to drop off and pick up, and where not to. There will be six of us every morning with yellow vests assisting the parents, between 07:40 and 08:15, so we will meet up at the school entrance at 7:40.

Ms Tumber, who is responsible from school, has made a pamphlet that we can hand out to drivers for it to be as clear as possible where we can drop off and pick up, but also other things to think about when dropping off.

Because the students have very different ending times in the afternoon, we will only do the mornings. We need 6 adults/parents each day. We would very much appreciate it if you could assist us, the school and the students with this. Please let us know as soon as possible this week, what day you could help, using this Doodle form https://doodle.com/poll/rh5pbmxr2gwh4iu9

Thank you!!!

Drop-off zones at IES Lund
Safety Week Parents Needed!

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