rockeverysockDifferent is good! Different is fun!

Nathea wants to challenge all schools and all workplaces (and everyone who’s interested)! Help her prove that it is good to be different! On Friday, March 20, she wants us to come together to pay tribute to our differences. She wants everyone to understand that different is fun.

She is ten years old and her older sister Noelle has Down Syndrome. Her sister is different and the world’s best big sister. Nathea is proud of Noelle, she’s alot of fun and she get sad when she hear bad words about other people.

Lets’s make the school and the world more colorful and more loving!
Lets’s make this day a fun day full of colors!
Lets’s fill Facebook and Instagram with feet in rainbow colors!
Put on different socks you too and share this to everyone you know!
Everyone are welcome to participate!

Greetings Nathea Anemyr
by mother Erica Rinaldo


Learn more about World Down Syndrome Day which is celebrated on March 21 (since this is a Saturday we start on Friday. Then schools and workplaces can join in):

Rock every sock!

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