cropA gentle notice regarding the parent engagement at the school.

PTA has worked hard to come up with a few lectures at the school during this term, but surprisingly very few parents attended. Out of an estimation of almost 1,400 parents, approx 30 parents came to the “Schysst på nätet” lecture and approx 14 parents to “Kajsa Lamm”. We will not give up, but surely there are more parents that could find value of these lectures?

We would also like to give heads up regarding the LAN events. Since this is a sleep over event, we do need volunteering parents to help out during the evening and morning. There was a LAN event planned for coming Friday, but due to lack of volunteers we had to cancel the event.

We will re-schedule and plan for an event in April instead, but also here we do not volunteers. Fully understandable that one might not want to engage if your own kid is not attending, but hopefully those parents that have kids that loves to attend the LAN events might be able to be present and help out for a few hours. We hope for your understanding and look forward to hearing from you when next event is coming up. You may any time send an email to the PTA inbox if you are open to volunteer during events,

PTA is also kindly asking for your input regarding future lectures or other events. Do you  have any tips, suggestions, recommendations?

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

//PTA Board


Parents, where are you?

3 thoughts on “Parents, where are you?

  • Would have loved to join those events, but unfortunately as they have been on Wednesdays where I volunteer as scouts leader I am not able to re-schedule this and can not attend your events. Hope to join in the future if you pick another weekday!

  • Hej!
    Vi har barn även på en annan skola och gick på Schysst på nätet där! När man har många barn får man sålla vad man går på. Det är ju föräldramöten på alla aktiviteter och i alla olika skolor. Jag tror att det är en av anledningarna till dålig uppslutning. Det har brett ut sig en möteskultur överallt och det tröttar ut folk.

    Åsa Hörestrand

  • Ulrika and Åsa, fully understad that timing is not always the best. This alert is more of a hope that more parents take the chance to attend future lectures since we doubt that 98% of all parents are busy;-)

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