DSC_9311Ms Karin Williams, Chairperson of the Parent Teachers Association, gave a fantastic speach and wished everyone a warm welcome to the 2015 Spring Festival. Read what she said here.


Good afternoon and I wish everybody a warm welcome to the 2nd Annual IES Lund Spring Festival!

My name is Karin Williams, and I have had the honor of being entrusted as Chairperson of the Parent Teachers Association this year. Working together with me have been Henrik Rahm, PTA Vice ChairPerson and liason with other IES PTA’s, Anna Odehammar, Secretary and Social Media Liason, Monica Applehoff, Treasurer, Sibylla Wiegert, Fundraising as well as class representatives Karl Bergström, Marie Solen, Carina Roberts, Carina Rietz, Maria Weineisen, Kristina Adelswärd Bruck, Pia Skoog, Anna Davidsson Brenberg, Sara Ferhan, Mariana Westerhult, Jessica Dahlström, Anne-Marie Fäldt, Åsa Bergström, Ingrid Samuelson, Sibylla Wiegert, Annika Falk, Peter Grantinge, and Gisela Ehresvärd Erici.  Please stand up and give the parents a wave!

The PTA vision is to enable and support a community of parents and teachers and non-teaching staff working together, taking pride in their school to provide the best experience for students and ensure that the Internationella Engelska Skolan in Lund is perceived as the most attractive school in the region. As the PTA has no membership fees, the PTA conducts fund raising to provide a foundation to support extracurricular activities for students, parents, teachers and non-teaching staff alike. This festival is an important part of the fundraising effort.

The school is new as is the PTA so we are in a buildup phase. As the PTA’s resources increase we hope to be able to support initiatives such as the equipment for after school initiatives, funding for class team building activities which are not part of the national curriculum and guest lectures for parents, teachers and students. These are only examples of what the PTA hopes to achieve in the future.

Concretely we have already begun planning for next year with an International Food Festival in early September, school discos for the fall and spring terms, as well as movie evenings at school for the students. If you haven’t already, please take a look at the PTA website and subscribe to the PTA Newsletter which will keep you informed of all of our activities!

The PTA works on behalf of all parents and staff and we look forward to building up the “IES Lund Spirit” together!

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all the parents who have participated in the Staff Appreciation activities. The feedback we have received has been extremely positive and I am told that PTA IES Lund is held as a great example to other schools in the IES group. I also thank the parents who have volunteered to help with other initiatives such as the library: I promise, we will be giving you a call!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their efforts both during the school year and especially for the song and exhibitions that we will be enjoying today.

I would be remise if I also didn’t give a huge thanks to the Spring Festival 2015 Committee, Carina Roberts, Carina Rietz, and Sibylla Wiegert supported by Mariana Westerhult for graphical design and poster printing! Please stand up and wave so people can see you!

Thank you also to all the parents who during the year have donated their time and workplaces to the school during the academic year as well as for the amazing gifts donated for the lottery today!

And…. Many Thanks to Mr. Olsson for allowing us to occupy his school yard on this beautiful afternoon!


Ms Williams speach at the Spring Festival

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