More than 80 students chose to spend around 14 extra hours at school last week. Voluntarily and happily.

How is that possible?
Well, they all got to bring a computer, their favourite game and add a great amount of sweets and drinks… LAN-party in the canteen!
Players: 83
Sold drinks: 223
Kids who stayed all night: 50
Temperature: Like in a sauna
Sold bags of crisps: 68
Kids who ate breakfast: 20
Parents who stayed up all night: 6
School staff who stayed up all night: Mr Hedvall
Number of parents helping: 14
Number of parents who arrived to fix breakfast at 8am: 4
Age of the kids: 10 – 15 years
Electricity used: enough to keep Lund warm during a day in January

PTA would like to thank all the kids, the parents and the school for making this event possible! Together we are creating memories that last for a lifetime!

Ulrica/PTA Board

Below pics are deliberately blurred.







IMG_4224 (1)


How to make students stay 14 extra hours at school

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