Dear parents,

We do hope to see you at the Spring Festival on June 1st.

Until then, we need to form four teams and therefore kindly ask for voluntary parents. PLEASE let us know if you could consider helping out a bit during the festival.

  • Lottery team
  • Barbecue team
  • IESL championship team
  • Keep the school yard neat team

We promise it is not a lot of work, mostly fun. No preparations needed. The PTA board has done all the pre-work. The help is just during the evening.

For the lottery team, we will need help with the set up of baskets for display, selling lotteries on location, bringing baskets to front stair for picking the winners etc.

For the barbecue team, we need help with sales.

For the championship team, we need help by the five competitions and also by the Tug of war.

For the clean-up team, we need help just to make sure the schoolyard and entrance looks the same as when we arrived.

Once again, please let us know if you can help out. We might need some of you to arrive an hour or a couple of hours before the festival start, but some would only have to be there 15 min earlier.


Up until now, we have the following team and as you might understand we need a few more in each team:


Lottery team: Ulrica Fager, Charlotte Löve, Ulrica Haryd

Barbecue team: Johan Löfgren

Championship team: Katja Brigge, Pernilla Unelind, Peter Unelind, Per Lindsjö

Clean-up team: Maria Weineisen, Isabella Björkman-Burtscher


Looking forward to hearing from you – !

Anna / PTA board


Yes, we need your help

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