Dear Parents and Guardians!
On behalf of the IES Lund PTA I would like to give you some information regarding the PTA Board’s activities during the Fall Term.

Since our election on October 14 we have been working on the framework for the PTA and its activities. We have had two PTA Board meetings and two PTA meetings with class representatives.

We have established regular communication with school management and are together working on ensuring that questions and issues brought up by parents are addressed and resolved. All PTA meetings up to the Annual General Meeting in September 2015 are published on SchoolSoft as are the agenda and minutes from meetings which have taken place.

We have run one English book club session with good response.

We have established a party committee who will plan and drive the Spring Festival PTA Fundraiser to be held in May. In addition we have established a PTA outreach committee to make contact with other PTA’s in the IES school groups and have designated a point person for fundraising.

We are completing construction of a PTA website which we hope will facilitate communication and information sharing between the PTA and parents. If all goes as planned, the website will be available at the start of term 2015. There is already now a FaceBook page where parents can connect with each other. (IES Lund)

For the next term we plan to run two more book clubs, hold a Spring Festival for “all in school” in May, and have an open meeting for all parents and guardians who wish to attend.

We have received many great ideas from parents regarding teacher appreciation activities, theme evenings with guest speakers on topics of interest for parents and other activities which can support the school, students and teachers. We have also received inspiring ideas from the school regarding activities and initiatives that they believe would benefit from parental support. We welcome any and all ideas and volunteers. Feel free to contact us via our email:

It has been an exciting Fall term for us and we look forward to the start of next term and continuing to build up the PTA.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you, your family and friends the very best during the Winter Break and a healthy and prosperous 2015.

Kind regards,
Karin Williams
Chairperson, on behalf of the PTA IES Lund

Winter mail

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