Dear Parents and Staff,

On November 8th, we had a PTA meeting inviting all new PTA class reps for the year 2017/2018.  All the seats around the conference room were taken and we had to get some spare ones. Our principal, Mr Olsson, could not join us this time, but we were pleased to welcome Mr Crate to the meeting. Mr Crate informed about the initiative focusing on how to improve the student environment and let the student themselves be involved.

We also talked about the following topics:

The upcoming LAN event
Feedback regarding the Meet & Greet, to be scheduled early after school start to attract more parents.
Appreciation Thursday “FIKA”
PTA Scholarship, info can be found on PTA website/About PTA/PTA Scholarship
School staff, PTA board and PTA class reps will be presented on the PTA website
Parents to remind the students not to bring products containing nuts to the school
Parents to remind the students to keep an eye on the locker key and not to share locker with friends
Parents to talk to their child/children about harassments and how to act towards people. “Treat others the way you would want to be treated, think about others the way you would want to be thought of. Feel about others the way you would want others to feel about you. Speak to others the way you would want to be spoken to or spoken of”.

The minutes will be published on SchoolSoft later this week.

Remember to check if your email address is visible in SchoolSoft since this is not default from start. You have to manually tick off a box that you are open to show your email address. Please contact your class rep or PTA Board if you need instructions. If it is not visible you will, among other things, miss out of all automatic newsletters regarding new information on the website.

/Anna Odehammar
PTA Board

What’s up PTA?

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