Dear Parents and Staff!

Even though January almost is over, we would like to wish you all the very best for 2017!
The PTA has had its first PTA meeting for the year, on January 17th. The IESL conference room was filled of class reps and Ms Sundin joined to share some school news. Below are some of the topics we discussed:

  • Sunshine calls – Please complete the survey, which you find on SchoolSoft/news/from the administration.
  • Parent/School survey – Please wait to complete the survey until the period between March 24th and May 19th. Your responses and comments will be of more value a bit into the term.
  • Traffic Safety – Please respect the speed limits outside the school and the drop off zones. This is very important for the safety of our students.
  • More IES schools to Skåne – Helsingborg and Landskrona are coming up.
  • Party Committee – A team is set up and they are now meeting to plan the activities for the term. Dates will be informed shortly.
  • Spring Festival – A new date will be set since Mr Olsson will be away with all the IES principles on May 19th. More info to come.
  • Book Club – Two new book clubs will open this spring. School Management/School Library to be reminded to collect merchandise from the book site out of the bonus that all the orders have generated. They expire within shortly.
  • We also finally had a chance to officially thank the two board members, who left the board at the Annual PTA meeting after two years engagement. Karin Williams has taken a huge part of setting up the PTA from scratch and Monica Applehoff has been the treasurer with all the contacts with the bank.
    For full information please feel free to read the meeting minutes available on SchoolSoft in the w/c January 23rd.

If you do not know how to check if your email address is visible in SchoolSoft, contact your class rep och PTA Board. We will give you instructions. If it is not visible you will, among other things, miss out of all automatic newsletters regarding new information on the website.

/Anna Odehammar
PTA Board

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