Dear Parents and Staff,

On January 22nd, the PTA Board and class reps held a PTA meeting. The school management was represented by Ms Sundin.

Below are just a few topics from the meeting. Please see the minutes on schoolsoft for more information.

Lunch week will be organised where parents will have a chance to try out the lunch at the school. PTA will also have the possibility to attend the Food Team meetings.
Dress code: Imagine how you would dress when going to work (which means no obscene clothing and no joggings).
Many students are travelling from Lomma to IESL every day. The principal to check with other schools in St Lars.
9’graders to plan school trips/other events with help of their parents.
Sport disco for juniors in planning, date March 1st.
2 LAN events to be planned during Spring, one for juniors and one for seniors.
Unfair behaviours.
Hygien/shower environment.
More PRAO offerings needed. Please help!
Student Choice, leaders wanted, e.g. drama and self defence.

Next meeting is planned to February 27th. Please send topics that you want to bring to the table to PTA Board in advance.

Please contact the PTA Board if you have any questions:

Remember to check if your email address is visible in SchoolSoft since this is not default from start. You have to manually tick off a box that you are open to show your email address. Please contact your class rep or PTA Board if you need instructions. If it is not visible you will, among other things, miss out of all automatic newsletters regarding new information on the website.

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