Dear Parents and Staff,

On May 8th, we had our last PTA meeting before summer holidays. It was actually the day before the PTA Spring Festival. Unfortunately, the school management could not attend this time, but the board and class reps had the opportunity to discuss and raise some topics to be referred back to school management by the chairman.
We talked about the following topics:

Authorised teachers for National Test evaluations
Tests in Swedish instead of English
Grades and matrixes
Homework not published on SchoolSoft
SchoolSoft training for parents
Lack of sunshine calls
Group work without team work
Gatekeeper to secure questions coming in to School management to be answered
Spring Festival – May 9th
Individual Presentations on PTA website – keep them coming….

The minutes will be published on SchoolSoft next week.

Remember to check if your email address is visible in SchoolSoft since this is not default from start. You have to manually tick off a box that you are open to show your email address. Please contact your class rep or PTA Board if you need instructions. If it is not visible you will, among other things, miss out of all automatic newsletters regarding new information on the website.

Next meeting is August 22nd.

The general annual meeting is scheduled to October 3rd, 6pm CET.

/Anna Odehammar
PTA Board

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