Dear parents, students, school staff and new class reps,

Summer is out and the school is already up and running with new students, new teachers and new parents, but also a lot of old ones who are well acquainted to the school, surroundings and culture. They are eager to help newcomers so never be afraid to ask questions.

On October 9th, the PTA will hold their General Annual Meeting at the school. Anyone who is interested to join the meeting is welcome at 6pm.

But until then, the nomination committee would like to know if we have any parents, especially new ones, who would like to join the PTA board. To be engaged in the school happenings is so valuable and we guarantee that you will also have a lot of fun. You are welcome to read more about PTA on the PTA website (https://www.ptaieslund.org) and you can also call Anna Odehammar, who is the chair of the nomination committee. She has previously been with the board for 4 years and can answer any questions you might have. You may of course also contact the sitting board, chairing Sanna Hanson.

Best wishes,




Welcome back to year 2019/2020!

2 thoughts on “Welcome back to year 2019/2020!

  • Hi!

    When is the list of Thursday’s appreciation fika coming? Just want to be sure not to miss Our turn.

    1. Hi Sofie, it will soon be sent out to the PTA class reps and communicated to the respective class soon after. We had to wait until all parent’s meetings were done and had all the new class reps in place.
      Reminding all parents to make sure they share their email address on schoolsoft. The default is NOT sharing and therefore everyone has to manually enter their profile and tick that they agree to share.
      Kind regards, Anna Odehammar/PTA website

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