Dear all,

The summer holiday is lovely, but way too short as always. However, this year we cannot complain about the weather, amazing! I guess all of you have enjoyed many hours in water and even more in the sun.

On Wednesday this week, PTA will have their last meeting before the PTA Annual General Meeting on October 3rd. We will catch up on things that might have happened since last time we met and we will secure plans for next steps in finding PTA class reps for coming year.

We are also looking for parents who might be interested in engaging in the PTA Board this coming year. There are so many positive aspects in a PTA engagement, such as being involved in forming the IES Lund to the best it can be, giving our students a joyful experience during the year, close contact with the school management and being there to influence and communicate between parents, students and school.

Please contact if you are interested to come forward in the election to the PTA Board.

If you would like to know more on what is expected from a PTA board member and how much time to estimate during the year, please contact (0766-444073).

We are looking forward to meeting you at the parents’ meetings!

The PTA Board / Anna Odehammar



Welcome back to school year 2018/2019

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