Welcome from the Parent Teacher Association IES Lund!


Dear Guardians and Teachers!

On behalf of the Nomination Committee for the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) for IES Lund, I wish a warm welcome to new guardians and staff joining the IES Lund community as well as a heartfelt, “Welcome back!” to returning guardians and staff.

The PTA is a vital group to ensure a vibrant and healthy school. The PTA works together with school management and the parent and staff community to ensure that we have the most attractive and exciting school in the Skåne region. All guardians and staff are automatically members of the PTA. There is no membership fee.

The PTA consists of a Board elected at the Annual General Meeting and all classes are represented by class representatives. The Board and class representatives meet regularly. The class representatives capture questions and suggestions from the class parents, and report back on what was discussed at the meetings. Meeting minutes are also posted on SchoolSoft shortly after the meeting has taken place.

Class representatives are chosen during the first meeting of the term. Each class has two representatives who share the position.  If you are interested in being a class representative, please let your mentor know and please feel free to contact me as well. You do not have to be present at the school meeting to volunteer as a class representative! The current class representatives and the PTA board alike welcome any men to volunteer for the class representative position as we have had a bit uneven representation of men and women to date!

In October the PTA will have its Annual General Meeting where the new PTA Board will be elected. Please take this opportunity to meet other parents and get to know a bit more about your student’s school! If you are interested in working on the PTA Board, please contact me.


Parents wonder, what exactly does the PTA do?

Topics that have been brought up have dealt with everything from questions regarding building logistics (the gym, afterschool activity bags, safety questions), general academic questions (how will the new grading system be implemented at the school), as well as social activities to enhance the experience of students, teachers and parents while attending the school. This year we hope to, together with the school have some seminars including one on “Internet Safety”.

The PTA also helps channel requests from the school for, for example, help in the library, computer club,  parent speakers, to name a few.

The PTA fund raises so that we can support the school with materials as well as extra-curricular activities (Activities that are not required by the school law). The PTA Scholarship will be launched during the school year.

The PTA also works hard to ensure that all staff are recognized for the efforts they put in to support our students. At IES Lund we have a regular “Appreciation Thursday” instead of chasing parents for class collections at Christmas and End of Term. This way we hope to ensure that all staff from kitchen staff, nurse, office and beyond, are recognized for their contributions to the IES community.

The PTA also works to bring together activities for the students. This year we hope to have discos, movie evenings on different themes as well as other fun activities to be announced soon.

Being active in the PTA offers every guardian an opportunity to contribute to the school.  As one parent reflected at the end of last year, she was very surprised at how different it was from the Swedish system she was used to with a more “One way” communication from management to the parents. The PTA is a forum for the guardians, teachers and school management to meet and work together to make IES Lund one of the best schools in Sweden!


Looking forward to a great year together!


Kind regards,

Karin Williams, parent since the very beginning, mother of student in 8C

Email: karinc1@me.com

Phone: +46 709 94 25 69

Welcome from the Parent Teacher’s Association IES Lund!



Welcome back & Introducing PTA to new parents and new school staff

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