We are amazed. After a couple of days of clouds and strong winds, the sky opened up and gave us bluish colour and a big yellow sun.

We were so excited. During the last 2 weeks, the spring festival team had communicated through messenger so intensively that I have now counted the number of “sms” sent while preparing for the different activities and it amounted to 421. So, for you that think that an event just happen, NO, it takes 421 messages, a couple of meetings and a lot of laughter. We have had so much fun and I must say that this team has been outstanding. So much engagement that I am overwhelmed.

We can share two wonderful preparation failures:

Katja is preparing the pea game. I tell her that she needs peas and clothes pegs. She goes to the supermarket and buys frozen green peas. When we discovered this, we just died of laughter. Who would think that one can pick frozen green peas that has now got unfrozen, using a clothes peg. Well, probably only Katja.

Additionally, Katja and myself, went to buy sponges for the “Sponge the Principal” game. When starting to cut them in half, we discover that those are sponges prepared for car-wash, i.e. full of washing liquid enough to clean a full car. Luckily, only a few hit Mr Olsson. Nevertheless, he must be very clean by now.

Thank you all parents, family and school staff who joined us at the Spring Festival. The cue was long to the barbecue and the team worked hard to serve all hungry guests. The games attracted many of the students and of course “Sponge the Principal” was the high attraction of the festival. Also Niklas Nyström volunteered as target on the sponge wall and smiled in a flowery hat. The kids screamed of joy.

The tug of war ended in favour of the students. Mr Olsson and some of the teachers, school staff and male parents tried to proof that adults are stronger, but failed twice. Not until some of the female parents jumped in to help out, the tug was won by the adults.


The traditional speeches of the PTA Chairman and the IESL Principal were held on the front stair. Everyone got their thanks! Furthermore, the exhibitions of great art and craftwork were displayed at the entrance and the choir performed beautifully led by Ms Larsvall. The festival ended by announcing the winners of the Lottery baskets. There were at least 20 baskets and 10 smaller presents that found happy winners. Quite a few of the winners had already left the schoolyard. All will be contacted via the mobil number on the lottery ticket.

The Spring Festival Team (unfortunately missing some of the members in the picture) would like to thank you all for your contributions this year. The lottery baskets were amazing! The sales will add up to the PTA funds, which will be used for scholarships to students. The scholarship will be launched next school year.

Thank you all! Wishing you all a great Summer!

Anna & the Spring Festival Team


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We were lucky with the weather and so much more….

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