Dear all,

We know that there are many parents who would like to be engaged and this is the time to consider taking part in one of these groups/teams.

We really would appreciate your co-operation and look forward to hearing from you.

  1. We need at least two more volunteers to, together with Katya Stoeva who was appointed at the Annual General Meeting, take on the very important role as member of the Nomination Committee.
The nomination committee will identify suitable candidates for the PTA Board the coming school year. Please come forward and let us know if you are interested, either by contacting your class rep, the PTA email,, or to Katya Stoeva,
  2. If you already now know that you are interested to join the PTA Board starting next school year, 16/17, you may contact Katya Stoeva at any time, We promise an interesting and fun job where you get close to the school and all happenings.
  3. Furthermore, we need 3-4 people to join the PTA Event Committee. Lars Lindström will be the PTA Board representative and Karolin Jeppsson has already volunteered to join.
The PTA Event Committee will be in charge of most of the event activities run by PTA, e.g. Spring Festival and Discos. They will be the core project team who sets up the framework and communicate with PTA, School, Parents and Students. They will also reach out to all of us for volunteers helping out with tasks around the events. Do you want to join this very important creative team? Let us know by contacting us on PTA email,
  4. Innocarnival assistance 20-21 May 2016 – 
The carnival takes place at Malmo Live. 170 classes have registered for the project, which will be an exhibition of social and green innovations, cultural events offering a carnival atmosphere. Young talents, businesses, students, organizations and associations, all who would want to be involved in shaping a more sustainable society. Ms Sundin kindly asks for volunteers who want to be involved as tutors, which requires that you go a course first. Ms Sundin is just waiting for your response and she will tell you more details. Please contact her as soon as possible to show your interest,

Finally, we would like to remind you all that you are most welcome to send us topics that you would like us to address at the PTA meetings. You can either contact your class rep or send us an email at

Please also let us know if you have any interesting information to put on the PTA website, We want to keep it alive and interesting!

Thanks for your cooperation!

Anna Odehammar / on behalf of the PTA Board

Volunteers wanted!

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