FikaSchool staff keeps sending their appreciation after each Thursday FIKA and through this message we would like to forward their THANKS.

Thursdays at school is FIKA-day and therefore their favourite day!

This is a gesture from the PTA community to the staff to show that all staff’s contributions are valued. In some Swedish schools, it is a tradition that individual classes collect funds to give the class teacher a gift at Christmas time and/or at the end of the year. However, in many International schools and American and British schools the PTA works to ensure that all staff (even those who do not have their own classes such as librarians, art teachers, special education teachers for example) is shown appreciation from the parents. We are a Swedish school founded by an American, with many parents and teachers with experience from different countries. The PTA is still new and working hard to bring a great community together. We believe that a weekly FIKA is a better way to show appreciation and hope that you all agree. And we promise, the School Staff looks happily forward to each Thursday!


fika 28 april


Thursday FIKA to IESL staff

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