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The House System at IESL was launched at the end year ceremony in the Lund Arena. All students and staff were seated in the four houses and were shown the specially designed house shields for the first time.

Every student and staff member now belong to a “house” with the goal to inspire students and staff into going “the extra mile” in school. The house system promotes values of fair play, teamwork, has people cooperate across the ages and is also a great opportunity for healthy competition and celebration of students talents and success! A lot of the IES schools in Sweden have already implemented the house system in their schools to get an international touch and to create a supportive environment.

After a vote amongst students and staff the four houses are named after Ancient civilisations; house of Vikings, house of Celts, house of Aztecs and house of Spartans.

House shields have been designed with the help of a heraldic expert and every student has received a certificate showing what house they belong to. The students will remain in the same houses throughout all of their years at IES Lund.

During the school year students and staff will raise points for their house through different events and competitions. Our first opportunity to do this was “the reading and movement challenge” during Christmas break and the first points will soon be distributed.

Next event takes place on January 25th; “come to school dressed in your house-colour”. Each event/competition generates a total of 100 points (40/30/20/10 points).

More events and competitions are planned during the spring. If you have any ideas and suggestions don’t hesitate to contact Ms Dykes ( who is the one responsible for building up the house system as part of her “förstelärartjänst”.

An example of a member diploma:

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The House System at IES Lund – Dress in your house colour on January 25th

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