imageATTENTION STUDENTS! – (since I guess that the students are not visiting the PTA website frequently, I kindly ask YOU AS PARENT to let your teenage student read below)

A friend of mine has produced a teenage glossary and is now starting up the work to collect new teenage expressions for her second book.
Welcome to visit her Facebook page:

Would you like to contribute to some typical teenager’s expressions that you use? It could be both a Swedish or English expression, or any language really. However, it obviously needs to be an expression that is used by more than one person;-)
Please send me the teenage expression you use and the explanation. It would also be valuable to know of occasions when the expressions have been particularly awkward when talking to an adult. Moments when the adult just don’t get it!!
Remember: Your expression might end up in the book!
Send to:
Title it: Teenage glossary
You may of course write in Swedish!
Anna / PTA Board

Teenage glossary – YOLO students

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