Dear students
We hope you have had a great summer holiday! I will not be able to greet you on the forst day since I have been under surgery for a broken ankle and have my leg in a cast. During the first week I will change my cast and will be able to start working again so we will meet at the end of your first school week.

Now it is time to welcome all new and old students back to school. We start the 17th of August and will meet up at the school yard.

Year 4, 5 and 6 start at 09.00
Year 7, 8 and 9 start at 10.00

After rollcall you will go with your mentors and you will also be asigned your new locker so please bring a padlock, preferebly a combination lock. If you choose a padlock with keyes, make sure that all keyes have name tags. The day ends at 2 pm at the latest.

Tuesday the 18th of August everybody starts at 08.20 and the day will end at 14.00.

Wednesday the 19th of August it will be Sports Day all day between 08.20 to 14.30. We would then like you to come and be ready and have your clothes changed in the morning and due to our limited numbers of showers, we would like you to shower at home.

From Thursday the 19th of August we will follow the timetable you will get at Monday.


Per Ola Olsson

School start 2015

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