My name is Ms. Englund, I am the pedagogical IT­Rep and SO­teacher at IES Lund. Are you a parent who is concerned by your child’s safety on Internet? As a parent you usually have an advantage in knowledge and experience. With internet and new technology it is easy to be overtaken in some areas by your own child. That can be a tough. To prevent this I would advise you to talk to your child from an early age about the internet, how it works and what good behaviour is. All with the goal to “set a filter in your child’s mind” instead of “putting filters in the computer”.

We teach our children from an early age how to play football, behave in the grocery store and we show our children how to act in the traffic. Why are we not teaching our children the same things with the internet, helping them understand it one step at the time? You don’t have to know it all to be able to ask and be interested. Surely you take an interest in your child’s piano playing even though you don’t know how to play? Talk to your child about his/her whereabouts on the internet. Ask them to show and tell you what they do and which websites they use. Discuss it with them, talk about how to criticize the sources, and what it means to be safe on the internet.

In late November, SVT made a news feature about how children use the internet. In the feature, they interviewed Elza Dunkers, associate professor in pedagogical work. Please read and watch it here.

Internet and modern technology is a big change, a modern revolution, in which the school and the parents need to work together. The school works according to the curriculum to prepare students in how to use modern technology as a tool in the search for knowledge, communication, creativity and learning,

At home it is important that we, as parents, can show interest and create an open dialog with our children to help them be able to share their experiences on the net.

If you have any questions or have knowledge about resources for parents, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ms. Englund

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