Skärmavbild 2017-05-25 kl. 16.16.36This is a gentle reminder to get ready to join the PTA Spring Festival at IESL on June 1st.

There is no better opportunity to meet with students, parents and school staff, all at the same time. Bring your picnic or get your hotdog at the barbecue where you can also buy drinks. Join the IESL Championship at the backyard. Drag your parents or your teachers to the tug-of-war. Who is the strongest?

Listen to the beautiful songs led by Ms Larsvall. Check out the art- and craftwork displayed at the entrance. Enjoy the speech of the IESL principal and PTA chairman. Or just mingle, chat and feel good in the evening sun.

At the end, we will announce the winners of the baskets prepared by all the classes. If you have missed to buy lottery tickets, you will have another chance during the first hour of the Spring Festival. Look for the lottery ticket sales.

See you on Thursday!

PTA Board, PTA reps & Party Committee


Remember June 1st

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