The class pre-selling most of the Spring Festival raffle tickets will get Ice cream!

The Spring Festival raffle tickets are brought home by your child beginning of this week, maybe you already have them in your hand:)
Each class will prepare a basket full of goodies and these are the prices that you have a chance of winning when you buy your raffle tickets.

You need to return the raffle tickets to school with your contact details written on each one of the ticket so we can put them in the big bowl for the draw. Also fill in if you pay cash or using swish! Thank you!


If you need more tickets, your classrep has emailed you the pdf for you to print. The reception at school also has some extra if you do not have a printer. You can also find it here. SpringFestivalLotteryTickets_2019

If you have any questions, please either contact your class rep or the PTA Board,

Hope to see you on PTA Spring Festival June 4th starting 5.30pm.

Raffle ticket pre-sale competition

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