3Yesterday evening, April 10th, Johan and I had the pleasure to visit the newly started Internationella Engelska Skolan in Helsingborg.

The Assistant Principle, Ms Rachel Kjellman, contacted us since she had heard that there was a great PTA in Lund that had a really good cooperation with the school. She welcomed us to speak with a group of parents that had shown interest in starting up PTA at IES Helsingborg.

We prepared a presentation sharing our experience since the start of PTA in 2013 and especially from 2014 when we moved to the new building. We also shared a lot of pictures from the Discos, LAN, Meet & Greet and Spring Festival. And finally, we gave some good advice on what to focus on when starting a PTA from scratch. An advantage is probably that they are always welcome to contact us anytime to get help with questions, documents, process etc. We even proposed that they copy&paste a lot of our stuff to avoid re-eventing the wheel.

When Ms Kjellman asked how many were interested to be part of the PTA set-up, there were at least 6-7 raising hands. It was great to see the engagement and hopefully they will now have a valuable period until Autumn to set up the frames until they schedule their first Annual General Meeting and get the PTA reps in place for next school year.

I can guarantee you that especially Ms Kjellman was very happy to hear about the Appreciation Thursday FIKA:-)












PTA visiting IES Helsingborg

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