Karin WilliamsIn which class is your child or your children a student?
My son is a student in 6A. We’ve been with the school since the very beginning…

What is your role within the PTA community?
I have the honour of being the Chairperson!

What made you decide to join PTA?
Schools that thrive and excel have a strong and active parent body. As a parent, I think it is very important to practically support the institution which is providing the foundation for our children’s future. That means getting engaged, rolling up my sleeves and trying to get others to spend their time whether it be for social activities or trying to influence politicians. Many times people think “somebody” will do it. But that isn’t the case. “everybody” needs to contribute if we are to have a school which is a model for others. I joined the PTA to help the school get things up and running and hopefully provide a foundation for future parents.

What would you say is most valuable being engaged in PTA?
Ensuring that all parents and staff feel welcome and feel that they can contribute to extracurricular activities and to make the school attractive as a work place as well as a learning institution. You also gain experience in working on a board and being able to influence the course of the school.

Name three positive things about IESL 
1) Mr Olsson has a strong vision of where he wants the school to be. I remember a rainy day the first year as we looked at the construction site for the current building and he said, “I want this to be a monument to quality education in Lund.” Now that’s a pretty big goal!
2) The staff is really engaged. This is a new school so everything isn’t in place and that requires thinking outside of the box sometimes and going the extra mile. That’s tough especially for the colleagues who are new to teaching.
3) The parents! Meet and Greet was awesome and the energy of the parents whether involved in school safety, book club, or afterschool activities like movie nights and LAN event. Parents are so important to the success of the school.

Name one thing you would like to change within IESL
The main website. It is woefully out of date. :.-(

Name one unexpected similarity you have with another parent at IESL
Hmmm…. That’s a tough one, unfortunately I seldom have time to really get to know parents. Some I have worked with before, some have had experiences in International or American schools which we can identify with. But, I can’t point to any particular similarity…

Give three good advices to all students
1) Manage your time, don’t leave things to the last minute
2) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. The staff really want everybody to succeed
3) Be responsible for yourself.

Do you have a nickname?
I was called Casey when I worked at the police department. (Karin Cecilia)

Where you an A student?
Nope. I went to some very tough schools, Dalton in New York and Phillips Academy Andover in Massachusetts after that UC Berkeley. In the subjects I liked I did well, but I almost failed physics, didn’t understand the point of the piece of ice sliding down the roof…

What was your dream job when you were little?
I didn’t have one. I was quite open minded.

What occupation did you end up with?
I am a psychologist by education, worked as a computer operator, police officer, sales and marketing secretary, research and development project manager, ERP consultant, department manager “med mera”. I currently work for Hewlett Packard Enterprise as an SAP Business Developer with responsibility for the Nordic region. I have eleven more years until I retire, who knows what the future will bring!

Name all cities in Sweden where you have lived
Saxtorp and Malmö

If you suddenly had one more day a week, what would you do?
Practice golf! I started playing golf in 2014… I need to practice so my son who has handicap 11.5 isn’t so embarrassed to play with me.

What is your favourite dish?
Sashimi. Although on my business trips to India recently I have had some very tasty meals.

You will be staying one month on a deserted island. You may bring one person and two items. Who and what would that be?
MacGyver, the Swiss army knife and a water collector. (Or maybe I should take Bear Grylls? He would get me off the island…)

What is the most peculiar thing you have done?
That I can’t say to polite folks, but I used to sky dive when I lived in California.

Who is the most famous person you have met?
His Majesty the King of Sweden. Very fleetingly, but we have met twice and shaken hands.

What sport would you never practice?
MMA. Horrible stuff.

What TV show(s) are you a bit embarrassed to tell that you are watching?
We don’t watch that much TV. Maybe House? Although I rather enjoy the dramatic solving of the illness in the last seven minutes of the program.

What famous person do you have as look-a-like?
Nobody to my knowledge

What social media are you using?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

If you would recommend one place on our planet where everyone should go. Where would that be?
Iceland! It is so incredibly cool and the people are great!

Name one thing you would like to change in the world
The distribution of wealth. It is a huge mess and I think that we will see some ugly behaviour in the next few years between the “haves” and the “have nots”.

Name three things that make you extremely happy
“I love you, Mom!”
A good hiking trip in the Swedish fell
Helping young people.

PTA in Focus – Ms. Karin Williams

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