ChristmasDear all,

The first thought that cross your mind when Summer is over is that you have a long dark autumn and winter ahead. And yes, it has been dark and rainy and we have some cold evenings to expect ahead. However, time flies and Christmas is around the corner. Two weeks off school will help a lot of students to catch some new energy to start all over again after New Year. Make sure to take the opportunity to relax and enjoy Christmas time with family and friends. Remember to include the ones that might not have so many friends or are less fortunate than you are. Maybe invite someone for a coffee or help someone in need. You might also want to call someone that you have not talked to for a long time. Instead of using Facebook or Snapshat, give them a call or knock on the door. It is so much appreciated by everyone.

PTA has met a few times this autumn. The general annual meeting was quite late in the fall, but we succeeded to get representatives in all classes but two, 7A and 8B. Maybe we have one or two parents who could re-consider and join after new year, let us know. We have had one disco and one LAN during the fall. Both have been a great successes with lots of students attending. We hope to be able to continue arranging similar activities and would like tips on what the students would appreciate as upcoming events.

We also held the PTA Meet & Greet for parents and school staff at two occasions, one for juniors and one for seniors. It is such a nice event to which parents bring their own choice of finger food and it is a great opportunity to talk to some of the teachers, including our Principal Mr Olsson, Mr Crate and Ms Sundin. It is a pity that so few parents came along, but hopefully there will be more next time if we plan this earlier on at school start. We promise a well worth 1,5 hour.

The first PTA meeting with class reps after new year will be on January 17th. We will then start to plan for the spring term. The party committee will come and present a few of their thoughts and ideas for the spring. Any topics that you might feel should be on the agenda could be sent directly to the PTA email box;

The PTA Board would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a sparkling New Year. Thank you to all teachers and school staff for taking good care of the students this first half year.

Remember that every student can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way.

Take good care!

PTA Board


PTA Christmas Greeting

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