bild SolangeMy name is Solange Korn Arvidsson and I am mother to Zeb in 6B and Ruben in 8C. I am part of the party committee in which we try to organize 2-3 events per term. I was asked to join by another parents and thought it would be fun to be involved. Being part of the party committee gives us the opportunity to do fun things for the kids like the LAN or disco.

We choose IESL because it had a reputation of having good discipline, high ambition level and clear rules. We would not mind a bit more discipline and respect for teachers and other students in the school, which we believe has become a bit less in the last year.

Via our youngest son, we have started hanging out with 2 other couples that share our interest in food and cooking. That was fun and unexpected!

Three good advices to all students, be nice, be respectfull and have fun!

Presenting Ms Korn Arvidsson

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