In which class is your child or your children a student? 5a

What is your role within the PTA community? Chairman of the board

What made you decide to join PTA? When my daughter started 4th grade, last year, we just came back from 7,5 years in the US so I wanted to have some insight to the school and being on the PTA board you have that.

What would you say is most valuable being engaged in PTA? The insight on how the school is managed and the possibility to affect the future of the school.

Name three positive things about IESL – The committed and engaged teachers, That half the classes are in English, the change of classes every year.

Name one thing you would like to change within IESL -To get even more committed and engaged teachers.

Give three good advices to all students – Respect yourself, your classmates and the teachers/staff.

Do you have a nickname? Sanna

Where you an A student? Naa, I could have been, but focused a bit too much on sports…

What was your dream job when you were little? Basketball pro

What occupation did you end up with? Golfpro, administrator

Name all cities in Sweden where you have lived – Malmö, Stockholm

If you suddenly had one more day a week, what would you do? Ironing…

What is your favourite dish? Homemade sushi

Who is the most famous person you have met? Tiger Woods

What sport would you never practice? Diving

If you would recommend one place on our planet where everyone should go. Where would that be? Swedish archipelago

Name one thing you would like to change in the world – That we would respect each other and our differences.

Name three things that make you extremely happy -Singing, playing sports with my family, traveling

Presenting Ms Hanson

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