Brita FalkMy son Liam is in 7C
I am a PTA class representative
I like to be part of PTA as as I think the school is very important and I like to get involved and hear what is said directly.
Liam has now been at IES for 1 term and we are very happy with the school. We like the structure and positive atmosphere. I am in particular very happy to hear that the class both learn the topics but also have fun doing this.
We also like that all the information is available in Schoolsoft.
I am not sure what I would like to change, I am very happy with IES.

I really beleive that the students will be more calm if they follow the rules IES has. So my advice to the students are:
Respect each other and the staff and ask each other if you have a question
Try to learn as much as possible as this is a possibility that not everyone has
Have fun!

I was very interested in school and was an Astudent.
I have always liked music and used to play the piano, sing in a choir etc
We in the family enjoy singing and music!
First I wanted to become a veterinary, but I then decided to become an engineer.
I am now an engineer which I like as I like to solve problems.
I have lived in many cities in the world, Lausanne (Switzerland), New Milford USA), Bakersfield (USA), Oxelösund (Sweden)etc
We are 5 persons in the family: Janne, me, Johan, Erik and Liam
We have 2 dogs who we enjoy to play with at home.

Presenting Ms Falk

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