Nina Altarac

I am a PTA class representative for 6D, where my daughter Liv is a student. I also have a son, Viggo in 4D.

I am Norwegian, my husband is Swedish, Liv was born in Switzerland, and Viggo was born in Lund, so it all sums up to us wanting the children to join an international school in Skåne. The reason for us to choose IESL was the English language, of course, in addition to that we had heard a lot of positive things related to high academic level, good structure and dedicated staff. This has met our expectations, and we even have our youngest son (Theo, 8 year) on the waiting list for the school year 2019.

We are happy with the school, and impressed by the pace and quality our children and their friends have on the English level. The communication with the school and the mentors, through Schoolsoft and e-mail is really good, and is helping us as a family to have a good insight into tasks, assignments and practicalities.

I am part of PTA because I think it is important that we, the parents, are involved in what is happening at the school, and where possible, have a forum to give some structured feedback to the school management. I also welcome the opportunity to put forward comments and ideas on behalf of more families to PTA and the school management.

If I were to change anything at IESL, it would have to be to decrease the number of students per square meter – which gives very tight schedules over lunch is the biggest minus we see in this great school. It would also be great if we managed to get some more after school activities, that could encourage our students to develop their friendship even if they live in many different locations in and around Lund.

My advice to students is that you should respect your schoolmates and teachers, be dedicated and take pride in being a good student. It is a great gift here in Scandinavia that all children and youths are having the possibility get a really good education, relatively independent of your parents wallet. Take advantage of this, find out where your passion is, have fun, study great and you will succeed.

A friendly hello from Nina Altarac

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