Ray Alsager

Where are you from? I’m born in Norway and raised in Sweden but my roots are from Iraq.
What do you like most about your county? I like the nature in Sweden.
If you would recommend one place for a tourist to visit in your country, where would that be? I would probably tell people to visit the northern parts of he country.
What was your dream job when you were a youngster? I wanted to be a super hero.
When you have one day off at home, how would you spend it? I would workout and eat.
What is your role at the IESL? I’m working in Junior Club and with student development.
What did you do before you started at IESL? I was studying.
Give three good advices to your students. Work hard, trust yourself and never be afraid to ask.
What do you prefer to eat? I like food, all kind of food.
Where do you go for your dream holiday? Norway

Presenting Mr Alsager

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