The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) General Annual Meeting will be held on October 9th at 6pm in the school. A warm welcome to those of you who would like to attend and take the opportunity to learn more about PTA.

If you are already now curious and might want to engage in the board of PTA, you are most welcome to contact Anna Odehammar who i chairing the nomination committee. It is not loads of work, but rather a chance to engage in activities concerning your child’s school year. We do not engage in the academic work, but we do involve ourselves in many other school activities such as environment, safety, intermediators for parents, lecturers for both students and parents, events, fundings, scholarships etc. You may ask any of the current or previous board members and I believe all will tell you that it is both interesting and valuable to be part of the board as well as a lot of fun.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

PTA Nomination Committee/Anna Odehammar

+46 766 444 073


A special attention to new parents

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