Dear Parents, Guardians and Teachers,
The end of the academic year is swiftly approaching and we look forward to the warm and lazy days during the summer break.

It has been a busy year for the PTA. We established our website, learned to know some of the IES Lund staff better through the weekly staff member presentations, held three English book club sessions, one terrific Spring Festival and on June 11 we will, together with the student council, welcome all the students to the “End of School” disco.

For next year we will continue running the English book clubs; two in the fall and two in the spring. By buying books through the Scholastic Book Club, parents and teachers have access to English language classic and modern literature as well as study aids at greatly discounted prices. In addition, there are no shipping charges as the books are sent to the school for pick-up. 20% of the value of every order is put aside for the school to enable purchase of, for example, English language books for the library, science posters, or other teaching aids which are difficult or expensive to purchase in Sweden.

Academic year 2015 – 2016 we have plans for an autumn festival with a theme of “getting to know each other”, student discos as well as the Spring Festival in May, 2016. Other planned activities are movie evenings during the winter as well as lectures co-hosted with the school in subjects such as Internet safety for parents and children. The PTA funding from the Spring Festival 2015 will be used to set up new initiatives of student activities next semester. We will also continue fundraising to be able to contribute to classes who need some additional funds to class trips or class excursions etc. We assure you that all money that is raised will be used to activities that are in the interest of the students.

We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the class representatives for their efforts and support during this year! A great “thank you” also to all of the staff. I think we can all agree that establishing a new school from scratch is a challenge not offered many times in one’s career!  On behalf of the PTA board, I would also like to extend deep appreciation for the support of all of the parents to the school as routines and facilities settle into place.

We look forward to next year with great anticipation when we welcome more students, teachers and parents to the IES Lund community.


Mr. Olsson has the Word

Dear Parents,

We are rapidly approaching the end of this our second school year, but the first as a “big” school and in our nice houses. The school year has been intense, but also fantastic and we look forward to next year with great anticipation. I and all my colleagues would like to thank you for all the support and appreciation we get from all of you parents and especially from the PTA. As I said at the Spring Festival, it is a great feeling to be the principal of a school where we all work together to be the best school in Lund. I would also like to thank the PTA with Ms. Williams at the helm of all initiatives taken during the year that gave us a silver lining on our days.
I also intend to take the opportunity to convey some information about the future, I know that you all are curious about.
The school library will be completed in August. We now have a functioning library system and even a first batch of books that Ms. Svensson is registering  in the system. It has taken longer than we originally thought, but Mr. Billing and Ms. Svensson have worked hard to get everything in place and it is better to have everything in order from the beginning than to begin provisionally, and then be forced to change with all that implies in loss of time and costs. Immediately when we enter the new financial year 07/01 we will be able to order more books that will be available in the fall. All students will receive electronic library card

and the system will build on the students themselves register their loans in a special library computer.
The school will increase by five classes next semester to a total of 15 classes. They will be distributed in two classes in year 4, 3 classes each in grades 5 and 6, four classes in grade 7, two classes in grade 8 and 1 class in grade 9.

We will have a number of new employees, partly because we are expanding but also to some of our teachers will be leaving us after this academic year.
Mr. Simion and Ms. Jönsson will move over to IES Hässleholm starting HT 15, Ms. Tumber, Mr. Plumb and Ms. Taylor returns home to England and Canada, and Ms. Varga has received an offer to teach in Frankfurt which she accepted because it means she comes closer to her European family. Ms. Bick-Nilsson and Ms. Gullstrand will be on maternity leave during the next academic year.
The following new teachers will join us in August; Ms. Alexandra Olsson (Home ec and French), Ms. Catharina Ahlberg (Swe/Social science), Ms. Monika Englund (Social science), Ms. Mira Pihl (Swe) Ms. Johanna Stenberg (Swe/SVA), Mr. Ulf Littorin (PE/Spanish), Mr. Stephen Elliott (Eng), Ms. Claire Quinlan (Art/Textile), Ms. Meredith Kimmel (Eng/Sci/Math), Mr. Thomas Robson (Eng/Sci/Math/PE), Mr. Patrick Vella (Eng/Sci/Math/PE), Ms. Jennifer Divall (Eng/Math), Ms. Clare Taylor (Eng/Sci).

I have also hired Mr. Niklas Nyström as new Junior Club leader. As I write this we are still interviewing for an English speaking position at junior school and a Swedish special educator. Once the placements and the organization for next academic year is finalized, I will present it in more detail on our website and also via SchoolSoft.

What now remains is two fun weeks with the student’s choice and then after finishing a joint planning week for all teachers before most of us can begin to enjoy the summer and recharge for next year. I wish all of you a great summer and see you in the fall!

Per Ola Olsson


We wish you all a restful, fun summer break with family and friends!

At the word processor,
Karin Williams, Chairperson IES Lund PTA

Newsletter, June 2015

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