Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome back to the second term of the 2014/2015 academic year! We hope that you have been able to enjoy some relaxing time with family and friends during the break. I am very excited to be communicating with you using the newly established PTA Newsletter. The newsletter will be published on a regular basis and contain what we hope is information, which will be of use to the IES Lund community.

The newsletter will contain information from school management, information regarding class activities as well as information from the PTA. We welcome any comments to ensure that the information is relevant to you. All parents who have email addresses visible in SchoolSoft will receive the initial Newsletter. Thereafter you may choose to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to have this information. Parents who do not have their email addresses visible can, of course, subscribe to the newsletter at any time. The newsletter is not a substitute for the PTA meeting minutes which will remain available on SchoolSoft for all parents, rather a forum for spreading general information.

The PTA is working on a website, which will be launched shortly. We hope that this site will be useful to the PTA community. More information and the website address will be distributed in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to join the Facebook group as well, IES Lund (IESL)!

Information from School Management
The school is looking for parent volunteers to assist with the chess club and study halls. Any parents or IES family members that are interested in sharing their talents and skills via a study hall, a school club, a workshop, or a guest speaker visit should contact Ms Sundin as soon as possible. Your enthusiasm and dedication to helping IESL create learning opportunities for our students is much appreciated. Of pressing interest: we are looking for volunteers to help start a Chess Club. Other areas of interest are: drama, outdoor education, public speaking, crafts, and engineering. Your ideas are warmly welcomed!

The study hall schedule has been adjusted and some new study halls are available. Don’t forget to check SchoolSoft regularly for information!

Happening Around the School

Winter Book Club
The International Book Club website is open for orders. The deadline for ordering books for delivery by Sportlov is January 28. Please place your order online at Brochures with examples of the assortment have been handed out to all classes.

February is Traffic Safety Month!
February will be traffic safety month. The school will be arranging activities to promote traffic safety around the school. The school and the City of Lund are in dialogue regarding the less than optimal traffic situation around the school, however, until the construction activities are finished a permanent solution cannot be finalized. The school needs our help:

  • Please remind your child(ren) to use the crosswalks.
  • Use reflectors on your clothing.
  • Drop off your student using the drop off zone, not the front of the school nor the loading dock area.
  • Please observe the posted speed limits.
  • Make sure that your student’s bicycle lighting and reflectors are functional (and used!).

Volunteers for the Library
If any parents have time to assist in keeping the library tidy please contact the PTA. Activities would mainly consist of keeping the shelves tidy and re-shelving borrowed books.

Information from the Different Classes
As it is quite early in the term, we haven’t yet consolidated the upcoming class activities. If you have or know of an upcoming event, please make sure that the class mentor and your PTA class representative know about it so that we can help coordinate across the classes in the school and leverage good ideas!

At the word processor,
Karin Williams, Chairperson PTA IES Lund

Newsletter, January 2015

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