Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff!

We are well into the spring term, and the midterm talks are approaching fast!

The PTA has been busy in dialogue with Lunds Kommun regarding traffic safety as well as Region Skåne for increased bus tours. We will be sending out a link to all parents regarding how your student gets to school which will be used by Lunds Kommun to better understand the patterns in the school area.

We are also working on social activities for the students during the spring term. Keep an eye on the PTA website and Facebook for up to the minute information and please also read the PTA minutes, posted on SchoolSoft.

Don’t forget to make your voice heard! The annual IES survey is available on SchoolSoft. Please take a moment to give your feedback to school management.

Information from School Management

School Security
As a result of the tragic events in Trollhättan and other media reporting, IES School Management decided to have their security consultant visit all of the schools to ensure the safety of students and staff in the school environment. IES Lund had its visit earlier this month and the report was positive. The PTA minutes from the February meeting contain more information.

Cool School Program
Don’t forget to check SchoolSoft regularly for after school activities which may be of interest for your child(ren). Parent volunteers are always welcome. If you have an activity that you would like to support or initiate, please contact Ms. Sundin.

Information from the PTA

“InteOkej” Program Against Internet Bullying
On February 18, the school hosted a seminar regarding internet use, as a compliment to the program that is being run for all 6-9 classes at the school. Parents who attended reported that it was a good evening, which gave them food for thought and ideas on how to approach their child(ren)’s internet use. Thanks to Ms. Farahmand for arranging this!

A reflection from one PTA member attending the event is that this subject should be of great interest and priority for parents with children in at least grades 5 – 9 considering the challenges with internet bullying, sexual advances towards young persons from pedophiles as well as “challenging games”. In other words, one would have expected that approximately 700 parents would be interested in gathering knowledge to support their child(ren) in the event they encounter a negative situation on the internet.

At the meeting only approximately 50 parents attended which was very surprising to those who attended. Just a reflection! Interested parents can get more information on

Additionally, you may check out the Safer Internet Day knowledge package, which you find through a link on the PTA website.

Congratulations to 9th Grade Modern Language Classes!
We are very happy to announce that the 9th grade Spanish and French classes both made it to the regional finals in the International Language Competition 2016. The Spanish class came in second place and the French class came in sixth place.

The German class also did a great job but unfortunately they didn’t make it further this time.

The regionals take place on March 11th at Polhemsskolan.

Students with Personal Challenges
Parents are always welcome to stop by and attend their child’s class. However, it has come to the PTA’s attention that some parents have taken the opportunity to criticize the teacher, in class, when a student has had disruptive behavior, thereby undermining the teacher’s authority in the class room.

I would like to remind parents that all IES schools accept students on a “first come, first served” basis, contrary to what is sometimes reported in media and debate articles. This means that IES students come from very diverse homes and backgrounds. Some students have personal challenges that can cause disruption in the school environment.

Please be assured that the school works hard with the challenged students, their parents, and appropriate authorities to ensure that the student will be successful and of course, contribute to an orderly learning environment.  However, the school also has an obligation to ensure the personal integrity of these students. The school may not discuss what program or efforts are in place for individual students.

Should you have a concern about a student in your child’s class, please feel free to discuss directly with Mr. Olsson. We ask however that parents not create a situation in the classroom by questioning a teacher’s way of managing his or her lessons in the presence of students.

Happening Around the School

Mid Term Talks
Don’t forget to make your appointment to see your student’s mentor on March 3rd: Sign-ups are posted on SchoolSoft.

Lost and Found
Clothing that is in the Lost and Found will be on display in the school during the full day of mid-terms-talks. Please do stop by and see if any of your children’s items have been found.

LAN Party
Don’t miss the LAN party which will take place on March 11. Details will be posted around the school and on the PTA website.

Nomination Committee
The PTA still needs two more members for the PTA Board Nomination Committee for next year. The Nomination Committee is a very important team, which suggests the board members for election at the Annual General Meeting. We have one member, but we need more to ensure that we have a vibrant PTA board as the school continues to grow. If you, or somebody you know, are interested, please send an email with your contact information to the PTA email address,

Kind regards,
Karin Williams, Chairperson on behalf of the PTA Board
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PTA email:

Newsletter, February 2016

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