Dear Parents, Guardians and Teachers,
I hope that this newsletter finds you all well.

The PTA now has a website, you will find it at We hope that this site will be useful to the PTA community. Comments and suggestions are very welcome. Please send them to Don’t forget to join the Facebook group as well.

We will be profiling the “School Staff of the Week” so we can get to know our school staff better. Do stop by the website and take a look! First up is Mr. Plumb.

Information from School Management
As different phases of the construction become completed, more of the outdoor area is accessible to students. The soccer field and swings are now available to use.

On behalf of the staff, Mr. Olsson would also like to take this opportunity to express heartfelt thanks to the PTA community for the PTA appreciation initiative. Thanks to all!

Happening Around the School

Winter Book Club
The Book Club closed for orders on January 28 and the books have been delivered to the school. If you have not already picked up your books, please do so before the Winter Break. Books can be picked up during office hours from Ms. Zaar.

The next opportunity to order will be before the Summer Break. Remember that the brochures that are sent to the school only have a selection of the books that can be ordered. Do take the time to browse the website, as there are many more books available to order there! We have earned 
£ 259.05 (SEK 3,314) for the school so far. Great job and thanks to all parents who have ordered books through the service!

February is Traffic Safety Month!
A reminder that February is traffic safety month! The school will be arranging activities to promote traffic safety around the school. The school and the City of Lund are in dialogue regarding the less than optimal traffic situation around the school, however, until the construction activities are finished a permanent solution cannot be finalized. The school needs our help:

  • Please remind your child(ren) to use the crosswalks.
  • Use reflectors on your clothing.
  • Drop off your student using the drop off zone, not the front of the school nor the loading dock area.
  • Please observe the posted speed limits.
  • Make sure that your child’s bicycle lighting and reflectors are functional (and used!).

Information from the Different Classes
Class 4B is planning a class party in school.

Remember, if your class is planning a class party, candy is a no-no. When in doubt, check with the mentor or Mr. Olsson.

On behalf of the PTA Board, I wish all a relaxing winter break!

At the word processor,
Karin Williams, Chairperson PTA IES Lund

Newsletter, February 2015

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