Dear Parents, Guardians and Staff!
We welcome the early Spring and suddenly we see the end of term approaching. It seems as if not long ago we were welcoming new and returning parents and staff to the school!
Soon it will be time for the Annual Spring Festival (our third). Please mark May 27th, at 5-7pm, in your calendar for a relaxing afternoon with a choir performance, vernissage of the student’s projects, some barbecue, games, lottery and mingle.
We will be looking for volunteers for the food committee including barbecues (the clean-up committee is already taken!) as well as game booth ticket sales. You will also be asked to engage in creating a basket together with the students in your class to be used as a prize in the spring festival lottery. Your class representative as well as the Festival committee will reach out to you during the week.

Information from School Management

After School Snacks for Students not in Junior Club
The school is looking for a solution so that students who are not attending Junior Club will be able have a healthy snack at school. The school’s ambition is to have something in place for the start of the next term.

The Parking Lot Lighting and Bike Path
We are aware that the lighting in the parking lot near the parking dispenser is not optimal. After a discussion with Hemsö and some research we believe that the lighting belongs to Lund’s Kommun. The PTA will add this to the current activity that we are driving with Lund’s Kommun. The parking ticket dispenser and the rest of the parking lot are Hemsö’s responsibility. Q-Park has been notified that the ticket dispenser needs seeing over.
Hemsö has taken the action to put a barrier on the bike path to stop vehicles from using it as an exit from the lot. In addition, we are investigating who is responsible to fill the large hole at the real exit of the parking lot as well as the dip in the asphalt in front of the speed bump leading to Sankt Lars väg.

Quiet Place to Do Homework after School Ends
We remind parents that Study Halls are a good place for students to do their assignments after school before they are picked up or go to after school activities if they need a quiet environment. Study Halls are open to all students. There is no rule saying that the students have to stay full time.

Information from the PTA

Status Region Skåne
We have received feedback from Region Skåne regarding the following questions:
Crowding on Bus 6 in Lund
Busses from Lomma to Sankt Lars
Monthly Bus Card for Students

The response is attached to the minutes from the April PTA meeting, soon available on SchoolSoft. In essence we were informed that there is no possibility of increasing the number of departures for Bus 6. The streets of Lund do not have capacity for more. Regarding Lomma, Region Skåne believes that the connections are satisfactory with a travel time of ca 33 minutes and one bus change. Regarding the bus cards, their hands are tied and this is a political issue.
Regarding Bus 6, there are a number of alternatives. To school bus 165 and 166 and from school bus 1, 165 and 166.
This was discussed at length at the PTA meeting in April. It was decided that regarding Bus 6 that the PTA would try to reach out with information of alternative busses and places to change busses. We need some parents and teachers to help with this. If you are interested in assisting, please contact the PTA at
Regarding the busses from Lomma and the fees for monthly cards, it was decided at the PTA meeting that a work group should be formed to work on influencing Region Skåne, politicians and other stakeholders. If not enough parents are interested, then we would consider the issue closed. Please contact the PTA if you are interested in helping.

Status Lunds Kommun
Thank you to all the parents who participated in the data gathering regarding how children are moving through Sankt Lars Park. I am informed that a great amount of useful data was received. A representative from Lunds Kommun will attend the PTA meeting in May to inform of what they have learned and the next steps.

Happening Around the School
Ms. Sundin hopes that parents will be interested in joining the IES Teams at the InnoCarnival event in Malmö in May. Please connect with her directly if you would like to participate. More information about InnoCarnival can be found here:

Social Around the School
Since the last Newsletter was sent out we have had a LAN party, a disco, a movie night and a clothes exchange day. Wow! Thanks to all the volunteers who have supported these activities and the Event Committee for making them happen! We’re learning by doing and next year will be even more awesome. Next up is the Spring Festival and we hope that everybody thinks ”good weather” thoughts for the event.

International Book Club
We will be opening the Scholastic Book Club for orders during May so that students can order books for summer reading. Information will be available on SchoolSoft, PTA web site as well the parent’s Facebook page.

PTA Board 2016 – 2017
The nomination committee is currently looking for parents interested in working on the PTA Board. According to the statutes, board members may only serve for three years so we are looking for volunteers to replace board members who will no longer be able to serve and ensure that we have continuity in the PTA activities and work. It’s a great position to have on your CV if you are interested in starting to work in board work (styrelseproffs) and allows a unique opportunity to engage and support our school. If you are interested please drop a mail to the PTA email address, If you want to know what PTA board work is like, please do not hesitate to contact any of the current board members. Our contact information is available in SchoolSoft.

With best wishes to all for a great Walpurgis Eve (Valborg),
Karin Williams, Chairperson on behalf of the PTA Board

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PTA email:

Newsletter, April 2016

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