sara bergstromWhere are you from?

What do you like most about your country?
That Sweden is a long country with different seasons

If you would recommend one place for a tourist to visit in your country, where would that be?
Ven, a small island outside of Landskrona

When you have one day off at home, how would you spend it?
With family and friends, starting with a brunch or afternoon tea, followed by a nice dinner at home.

How would you describe Sweden in one word?

What is your role at the IESL?
A women with many hats – I work as an economist, HR, administrator

What did you do before you started at IESL?
I worked as a Front Office Manager at a Hotel in Malmö for 7 years.

Where are you in three years time?
Hopefully still working at IES Lund

Give three good advices to your students
Have fun, respect each other and always do your best!

What do you prefer to eat?
Palt is one of my favourites

What sport would you never practice?
I´m not a big fan of Badminton or Handball

What social media are you using?
Mostly Instagram but also Facebook

Where do you go for your dream holiday?
I love to travel and there is so many places I would like to visit but Australia, New Zealand, Reykjavik, Peru, Mexico, Lisbon, throughout US is on top of my list…

Ms. Sara Bergström

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