jennifer janssonWhere are you from?
Linköping, Sweden

What do you like most about your country?
Everyone has the same value in this country.

If you would recommend one place for a tourist to visit in your country, where would that be?
Stockholm! The city built on 14 islands!

Where you an A student?
Nope. I am very disorganized myself, and never got any help to deal with it unfortunatly.

What was your dream job when you were a youngster?
I wanted to become an attorney

When you have one day off at home, how would you spend it?
Chilling, relaxing, do whatever comes to mind!

How would you network and meet new friends in a new country?
When I lived in Switzerland I hooked up with other “young adults” in a church, but when I liven in the US it most mainly through the kids i.e through different playgroups etc.

How would you describe Lund in three words?
Academic, neat and friendly

What is your role at the IESL?
I am the Special Educator

What made you decide to join IESL?
I was looking for a place where I could be part of a more International culture. Having lived abroad for many years I missed that part very much working in a fully Swedish workplace.

What did you do before you started at IESL?
I worked in a school in Löddeköpinge

What are your challenges at IESL?
To find the “right” way to go with many things, as nothing was set up when we first started everything needs to be set up from scratch. Which is a good challenge, but at times it is very challenging.

Do you have any clear visions you would like to achieve?
My goal is that all students should feel comfortable here at IES and be able to reach their full potential.

Where are you in three years time?
That is a good question…..

Give three good advices to your students
Three pieces of advice would be to never be afraid to ask for help, always be aware that everything can be done in more than one way, and always try to visualize your goal!

Name 3 things you find best about Sweden
My friends and family live here, it is a very beautiful country, it is very well organized!

What do you prefer to eat?

You will be staying one month on a deserted island. You may bring one person and two items. Who and what would that be?
Without a doubt, I would bring my husband, an ax and an ax sharpener!

What sport would you never practice?
Most sports, but never ever any kind of wrestling or boxing.

What TV show(s) are you a bit embarrassed to tell that you are watching?

What social media are you using?

Where do you go for your dream holiday?
Anywhere sunny with a good beach!

Ms. Jennifer Jansson

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