emma_larsvallWhere are you from?
Lund, Sweden

What do you like most about your country?
The seasons, the light, the nature and the ocean

If you would recommend one place for a tourist to visit in your country, where would that be?
The Archipelago outside of Stockolm – We have a summer house there and I try to go as often as possible.

Where you an A student?
No, but a B-student.

What was your dream job when you were a youngster?
To become a world-famous singer.

When you have one day off at home, how would you spend it?
With my daughters. Playing, reading, singing and other fun things. I also work out as often as I can – sometimes in “Bokskogen” (running) and sometimes at “Friskis och Svettis”. Every once in a while I bring my daughters too (even though I can’t run as fast or long then ;-).

How would you network and meet new friends in a new country?
Through social gatherings and social media. I am a very social person and I love new settings and meetaing new people.

How would you describe Lund in three words?
Academic, beautiful and filled with knowledge.

How would you describe Sweden in one word?

What is your role at the IESL?
I teach Swedish, Social Studies and Music. I am the mentor of 6A.

What made you decide to join IESL?
I worked at IESJ (Järfälla) when I lived in Stockholm. I decided that I wanted to apply to IES if it opened in this area of Sweden. I really like IES and I believe that it is a great school for so many reasons. Hopefully my daughters will start here when they reach that age.

What did you do before you started at IESL?
I worked at IESJ and then in Malmö for 10 years before I came “back” to IES. Before I was a teacher I lived in Manhattan for three years and worked as a restaurant manager.

What are your challenges at IESL?
To challenge all students at their level.

Do you have any clear visions you would like to achieve?
I have many. I want to record an album in a studio. I want to travel.

Where are you in three years time?
Here, at IESL.

Name one unexpected similarity you have with one of your colleagues
I have the same sense of humour as Ms Ekstrand. We have been friends for 30 years and we think alike in many ways. But I feel that I have similarities with a lot of my collegues. For example, I have worked in almost the same area as Mr Neppelberg before and we have similar experiences as teachers.

Give three good advices to your students
Go to study hall. To do your home work first always made me feel better about school. If you do your work before you go home or before an activity you will enjoy the “fun” more. Always do your best. And try to have fun with it! And, ASK FOR HELP when needed. 🙂

Name 3 things you find best about Sweden
The seasons, the nature, the archipleagos.

What do you prefer to eat?
Sushi, salads and every once in a while a good piece of steak.

You will be staying one month on a deserted island. You may bring one person and two items. Who and what would that be?
I can’t bring just one person, since I have two daughters. So my daughters, matches and something that would make saltwater drinkable.

What is the most peculiar thing you have done?
I have been shipwrecked in the middle of Öresund.

Who is the most famous person you have met?
Meryl Streep (at the restaurant where I worked in NYC). I was starstruck! She used to come in for brunch with her family on the weekends.

What sport would you never practice?
Boxing. It scares me. I am to afraid to get injured.

What TV show(s) are you a bit embarrassed to tell that you are watching?
Svenska Hollywoodfruar.

What social media are you using?
Facebook and Instagram.

Where do you go for your dream holiday?

Ms. Emma Larsvall

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