annettedelamotteWhere are you from?
I’m from Malmö but I’ve lived in Paris, Florence and Stockholm before moving back to Skåne.

If you would recommend one place for a tourist to visit in your country, where would that be?
Stockholm, in the summer.

Where you an A student?
In languages, definitely!

What is your role at the IESL?
I teach French from year 6 to 8.

What made you decide to join IESL?
I liked the English profile of the school and the international mix of teachers, as well as the IES spirit and high academic aspirations.

What did you do before you started at IESL?
I’ve taught languages at a number of schools, both in Stockholm and in Skåne. I’ve also worked as an editor and project leader developing school-books in French and English at Liber. Since 2002 I’m one of two head writers of the Amigos series (Spanish year 6-9) used in many schools all over Sweden and Norway, IES included.

Name one unexpected similarity you have with one of your colleagues
Like Mr Neppelberg I love the Italian language, music and food, which is no surprise since I’m half-Italian.

Who is the most famous person you have met?
Pope John Paul II.

What TV show(s) are you a bit embarrassed to tell that you are watching.
I love TV-shows and I’m not embarrassed over watching any of them. My favorites are: House of Cards, Game of Thrones, True Detective and 30 rock.

Where do you go for your dream holiday?
Without any doubt: New York City. We try to stay there longer periods from time to time when my husband (who is a fiction writer) has a new book out in the US.

Ms. Anette de la Motte

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