larslindstrom01In which class is your child or your children a student?

What is your role within the PTA community?
Vice Chairperson

What made you decide to join PTA?
I wanted to get involved with the school and its activities

What would you say is most valuable being engaged in PTA?
You have a real possibility to influence the environment that is created for my daughter in school. She is, after all, there a substantial part of her day!

Name three positive things about IESL
A calm learning environment, the consistent use of English whenever possible, high academic standards

Name one thing you would like to change within IESL
Better facilities for PE

Name one unexpected similarity you have with another parent at IESL
None that i can think of

Give three good advices to all students
Take advantage of the excellent learning environment, learn English as well as possible, participate in school activities

Do you have a nickname?

Where you an A student?
In some subjects yes, in others, definitely not

What was your dream job when you were little?

What occupation did you end up with?
Chemical Engineer

Name all cities in Sweden where you have lived
Lund, Malmö, Linköping, Södra Sandby (well, more a village, but still), Staffanstorp

If you suddenly had one more day a week, what would you do?
Play golf

What is your favourite dish?
Home made hamburgers! Or anything from the grill…

You will be staying one month on a deserted island. You may bring one person and two items. Who and what would that be?
Frank Zappa, a guitar and a recording device

What is the most peculiar thing you have done?
I used to repair pinball machines for a living

Who is the most famous person you have met?
The singer Brant Bjork (solo artist and drummer in Kyuss), one of my absolute favorites

What sport would you never practice?
Sky diving

What TV show(s) are you a bit embarrassed to tell that you are watching?
Storage Hunters

What famous person do you have as look-a-like?
None, really, there are not too many 205 cm celebrities around…

What social media are you using?
FB, LinkedIn, Instagram

If you would recommend one place on our planet where everyone should go. Where would that be?
The Grand Canyon (secret bonus tip is the Riverwalk in San Antonio)

Name one thing you would like to change in the world
Get rid of all kinds of extremism

Name three things that make you extremely happy
My family, my friends and our pets (two cats and a goofy dog called Malte)

Mr. Lars Lindström

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