think_smallMindre stök och bättre lärare. Skälen till skolvalet skiljer sig åt. SvD frågade elever vid en kommunal och en fristående skola om vad de tycker om sin skola.

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Below a reminder of the IES Lund rules and procedures since 2016


The procedures

The rules and procedures are enforced so that everyone can enjoy a safe and constructive school environment. School rules and procedures apply in the whole school; classrooms, hallways, lockers, common rooms, dining hall, library, changing rooms and schoolyard. They must also be followed on all learning excursions off campus. The goal of the procedure is to create a common culture where the rules is natural and self-evident. Misconduct as well as good behavior will be reported in Behavioral Watch

We treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves with respect and support

Anti-social behavior such as bullying, racism and sexism are not accepted in any form and will be dealt with immediately.  Respect must be shown to each other, both physically and emotionally. “Fun fights” and offensive language are not allowed.

Treat fellow students with respect and understanding.  Support each other with friendship and help each other with school work. Always say ”Yes”, please” or ”No”, thank you”.

Treat your teachers with respect and don’t talk back in a rude manner. All staff must be addressed by their titles Mr/Ms/Dr.

We keep our school clean, safe and calm

The classroom is where we work. All students must contribute to make the classroom a calm, quiet and effective place for learning. Always be on time and listen when somebody is talking. Nobody shall take their seat before the teacher has greeted the class. Good behavior is expected in class. Students must not be disruptive or look to interfere with the flow of the lesson, the teacher’s ability to teach, or students’ opportunities to learn.

Misbehavior will be corrected and explained. Repeated misbehavior will lead to a note in Behavior Watch and if necessary, misbehaving students will be sent to the office.

The Quiet Zones outside the classrooms are areas for reading and preparing for class. Social activities should only take place in the Common rooms or outside. We do not talk loud, shout or disturb ongoing classes when we wait in the Quiet Zones.

Respect must be shown to other peoples’ property and the school environment. Please use the garbage cans to keep the school clean. Keep the toilets clean, fresh and inviting. Graffiti is absolutely forbidden. Littering and disrespect for the school will not be tolerated. Parents will be contacted if students don’t keep the school clean, calm and safe.

We arrive on time for school and school activities

Punctuality is a must, as is being prepared for each lesson. Students who arrive late will fill in a late-slip at the Administration Office, hand it to the teacher, and it will be noted in Schoolsoft. The mentor will keep an account of their assigned students’ late arrivals.

Students shall line up outside the class room 5 minutes before class starts. When the classroom door is closed, the student is late.

We walk indoors (and stay in school)

By walking through the hallways to and from lessons, the school becomes calm, we can greet each other, practice our English and avoid injuries

The school is a closed campus. For safety and security reasons, students are not allowed to leave the school for any reason during school time without permission from the principal or assistant principal. If allowed the student is sent to the Administrators Office to sign out and on arrival sign in. If a student gets sick during the day or have a granted absence, they will report to the office before leaving.

We keep all electronic devices which disturbs education in our lookers during working hours

Mobile phones, cameras and music devices are not to be used in the school building and on the schoolyard at any time.  They shall be kept in the student’s locker. If not these items will be confiscated for safe keeping at the Administrators Office.

The reason for not using these devices during school hours is to maintain focus on learning, to promote positive social interaction and to avoid risks of harassment on social media.

We dress appropriately for work

Outdoor jackets and hats/caps must be removed on entering the school building and stored in the student’s lockers. Exceptions are made for religious or medical reasons.

Students must dress in an appropriate manner. No logos, pictures, wording or designs of tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances or offensive language. Students must ensure their clothing provides appropriate coverage. Students not meeting these standards will be required to change their clothing.

The basic principle is that we dress for a workplace. Clean and tidy, showing decorum for both classmates and yourself. After PE, students must change their clothes, unless they are going straight home.

We are not allowed to bring drugs, weapons or other illegal items to school

Alcohol, tobacco, narcotics, and weapons are illegal and never allowed at school. Models of weapons are only allowed as props in plays and similar activities and must be left in the care of the office or the responsible teacher when not in use. Forbidden items will be confiscated and parents notified.

We eat in the dining hall or in the cafeteria and we eat healthy

Gum or candy is not permitted on the school premises and students should only eat and drink in the dining room – with the exception of drinking water from water bottles in the classrooms to avoid dehydration.  If students bring their own morning or afternoon snacks to school they must eat in the dining hall, the cafeteria or outside on the picnic benches. Food and drinks are not permitted in the Commons Rooms or the Quiet Zones.

We contribute to a calm an inviting atmosphere in the lunch room

All students are expected to behave well in the lunchroom, where many people assemble at the same time. That means waiting your turn in an orderly fashion, eat calmly, communicate without raising your voice, clean the table when leaving and bring plates, cutlery and glasses to the intended place for dishes. We don’t change around chairs from other tables and safe seats.

We act with honesty and integrity at all timed and do not cheat

We teach and uphold the highest academic standard. We complete our work honestly and authentically.

We don’t cheat at tests

We don’t use plagiarism

We always acknowledge the work of others and the use of ideas of others by citing the works of others accurately

Cheating and plagiarism cannot be tolerated in any form, and will be followed by disciplinary consequences (Chapter 5 of the school law)


These rules have been discussed with senior student council and junior student council


“Lektionerna är tystare än på min förra skola”

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