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Dear parents and school staff,

We are pleased to invite you to our yearly PTA event;


PTA Spring Festival of 2017 

Thursday – June 1st

5-7 PM


The IESL gates will open at 5pm to all parents & close relatives, IESL school staff and of course to all our students.


We offer two hours of valuable mingle with other parents, teachers, school staff and an opportunity to see all the students have fun together.

Ms Larsvall will proudly introduce the choir and the art teachers will be happy to share the innovative work produced during the school year.
On the backyard, we welcome everyone who is up for some competition. The IESL championship is open from 6pm. Bring your school friends, teachers or your mum, dad or maybe grandma or granddad to compete. May the best one win! We will also introduce the PTA tug-of-war. May the best team win!


For the hungry people, we offer a barbecue. You will be able to buy ”korv&bröd”, drinks etc. Please bring cash or swish. You are of course welcome to bring your own picnic if preferred.


The PTA Spring Festival is a tradition of our yearly fundraising. Money that can come handy to students/classes who need some extra funding to activities like study visits, school trips, graduation events, joining national or international competitions or similar.

The PTA scholarship application will be launched next school year.


Each class will be asked to prepare a theme basket as a prize to the fundraising lottery. The PTA representative in each class is responsible and will contact you shortly to kindly ask for contributions. Lotteries will be sold pre-event. Each student will bring home a 10 pcs of a lottery ticket sheet of a total of SEK 100 (SEK 10/lottery ticket). You may buy any amount of those 10 pcs. The money and the signed lottery tickets should be brought back to the mentor. If there are still tickets left on June 1st, there may be possibilities to buy lottery tickets at location.

The prizes will be drawn one by one using a student supervisor. Watch out for the announcement of winners on the front stairs.


Please help the PTA representatives by replying to their email by return and doing your utmost to contribute to the theme basket. If you have not received their email within approximately a week, you most probably are not showing your email address in SchoolSoft. This is an action you have to do yourself since default set up is NOT to show the email address. You may send an email to pta.ieslund@gmail.com if you are unsure how to do this and we will help out. You may also send your email address to the same address if you want to receive emails from your PTA representative and from the PTA Board, but wish to remain invisible in SchoolSoft. Please then indicate which class so we know to whom to forward the email address. You will then also receive newsletters from the PTA website, www.ptaieslund.org


Finally, we need volunteers to help out during the PTA Spring Festival.


•    Theme Basket and Lottery team

•    Barbecue team

•    IESL championship team

•    Keep the school yard neat team


Please let me, Anna Odehammar, know if you wish to take part and do a good act together with the PTA Board. Neither of above activities will be very laboriously. If we are a few in each team, it will be an easy task and we will have lots of time to enjoy as well.

Remember, this is for the STUDENTS and of course for YOU! We all get value from interacting with other parents, school staff and students.

Send me an email to anna@odehammar.se. Let me know which team you could consider be part of.


If we are lucky, the weather at this event is as beautiful as it has been previous years. Keep fingers crossed!


Read about the Spring Festival 2016. http://www.ptaieslund.org/1213-2/


A warm welcome!

PTA Board/

Anna Odehammar

Information about PTA Spring Festival 2017 and a gentle request for volunteers

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