It might have been the lightest disco ever but with an engaging DJ, a sparkling light could never ruin this spontaneous end year disco. One third of all the IESL students took a step on the dance floor, first the 4-5 graders and later on the 6-8 graders. Many parents joined up to help keeping all in order during the evening and took the opportunity to small talk to each other, of course mostly to agree that IES is a great school.

We have a few learnings to next year and will most certainly make sure to cover the lamps thoroughly if they still cannot be turned off. We also believe that the 9 graders might want to host one of the coming discos, which will be an event you don’t want to miss. Remember, all events will be as successful as you as an individual makes it. Be positive, enjoy and go for it, then I can assure you – you will have a great time. An event at IESL is also about including everyone, to support each other, to accept each other and enjoy together. This will make you and your school even more special!

On behalf of PTA, I would like to thank the student council who initiated this spontaneous end year disco. You are a great team and we are looking forward to future cooperation. I would also like to thank both the DJs for a terrific music party. Furthermore, thanks to all parents who volunteered and Lars-Yngve for delivering all drinks & snacks. Great job. A special thanks to Mariana, who produces all the fantastic posters and tickets.  Almost finally, I would like to thank popcorn-Jörgen who patiently filled cones of popcorn that not only ended up in all stomachs but also on the floor and school yard. I hope all the birds had a ball during the night. And finally, thanks to the IESL cleaning team, very service minded!

CU next term!
Anna / on behalf of PTA

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IESL Disco Fever!

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