What-is-a-Leave-of-AbsenceDear parents,

In case you have missed the information on schoolsoft, please find new routine regarding Leave of Absence:

From January 28th there is a new routine for handing in an application of leave for your child/ren.

It´s digitally and the application will go through Schoolsoft. Like before both guardians need to agree on the leave and approve it in Schoolsoft. The mentor can grant 1 day leave, 2 or more days both mentor and principal must approve.

You will find the “Appl of leave” in the menu under Attendance.


1. Attendance

2. Appl of leave

3. New

4. Choose the reason

5. Write a comment/explain

6. Choose the dates

7. Type in number of days

8. Submit


The mentor will recieve a message about the leave.

Since both guardians have to agree, a message will be send to the other guardian that didn´t send in the application, before it can be approved by the mentor or mentor and principal.

If the leave gets approved the attendance will be updated in Schoolsoft.

Already handed in leaves in paperform will be dealt with as before. There is no need to apply digitally in Schoolsoft for these.

This is new to all of us and we will have a transition period. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the Reception.




How to register your leave of absence

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